Sustainability & RecyclingIt is a well known fact that metal packaging is one of the most sustainable and recyclable materials available in the packaging world.

The metal industries have already set benchmarks in key areas of use like building and transport, recycling rates are well above 90% and even in the more diversified packaging markets with products with short life spans the overall metal recycling rate in Europe is in the range of 60-70%. To improve yet more, the metal packaging industry has even instigated further initiatives and undertaken certain commitments like the 75% recycling target for cans in 2015 and the overall metal packaging recycling target of 80%, to be reached in 2020.

Every tonne of steel packaging recycled saves:

  • 1.5 Tonnes of Iron Ore
  • 0.5 Tonnes of Coal
  • 75% of the Energy Needed to Make Steel From Virgin Material
  • 75% of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The objective of the metal packaging industry and its customers should be to aim and support the 'continuous life-cycle' of tinplate products by boosting recycling and closing material loops even further.

Metals are a permanently available resource.

What is more sustainable than permanent?

And one additional point: recycling metals save between 70% and 90% of the original energy.