Screw Top Tin Containers For Applications Including: Coatings, Adhesives and Chemicals.

We produce a wide range of cone top and flat top tin containers with robust screw necks. Our screw top tins can be used for a variety of packaging applications including: adhesives, coatings, varnish, oils, chemicals, paints, and detergents. All are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based contents and can be used with aggressive or corrosive chemicals. Our tins are also suitable for powdered or granulated contents.

Metal screw top tins provide a highly effective barrier against air, light, and odours; helping to preserve product quality, reduce chances of contamination, and ensure required shelf life. Once opened, they can be re-sealed tightly to preserve their contents. Cone top tins minimise waste by allowing their contents to be more effectively drained from the container.

  • Screw Top Tin Containers and Brush Cap
  • Screw Top Tin Containers
  • Screw Top Tin Containers and Brush Cap
  • Screw Top Tin Containers

We manufacture a range of standard sizes from 125ml to 5 litre capacity, and can also produce bespoke tins to your custom requirements. Our screw top tins can be supplied either plain, white, custom labelled, or custom printed. We can supply long or short production runs with a minimum order of a single box for all standard tins. All tins are made in the UK.

Our tins are supplied with either 25mm, 38mm, 40mm, 59mm or 78mm screw necks, and we have a complete range of metal or plastic closure options.

Plastic Closures

A range of plastic closures are available for tins with 25mm and 38mm necks, including: standard screw tops, child resistant lids, and brush-cap applicators—which allow the contents to be used directly from the container.

Metal Closures

Metal closures are available for all size necks and include: standard tin lids, poly-plug lids, and cap & seal options. We also offer a metal brush cap for 38mm necks. Poly-plug lids have a metal body with integral plastic insert to help provide a tight leak-free seal. A cap & seal closure comprises a metal screw top with separate tinplate inner-seal, which must be punctured to release the contents—this provides extra security to prevent leakage, contamination, or pilferage.

Schutz Cans

We also produce a 1 litre screw top can suitable for use with Schutz spray guns. These tins are most commonly used to package spray-on coatings for the automotive industry, such as underseals and waxes.