Metal Pails Tinplate Pails for Applications Including: Grease, Adhesives and Food Oils.

We manufacture a range of straight-sided and tapered tinplate pails primarily for the grease, oils, and adhesives industries.

We supply pails with capacities from 8 Litres to 18Kg, and can also produce bespoke tins to your custom requirements.

All our metal pails are suitable for either water-based or solvent-based contents and can be used with aggressive or corrosive chemicals. Our pails are also suitable for dry contents such as powdered or granulated products.

Pails can be supplied with either plain, white, custom labelled, or custom printed external finish. Internally we offer plain or lacquered-coating options.

All our metal pails are British made.

  • Tapered Pails
  • Metal Pail With Plug Lid
  • Crimp & Latch Lids
  • Metal Pail Handle Joint

Straight Sided Metal Pails

Our straight sided pails are available in 12.5 Kg, 15Kg and 18Kg capacities, with the 12.5 Kg pail being used predominantly in the grease and oils industry. Straight sided pails have durable steel-wire handles with plastic grips.

Closures for Straight Sided Pails

Straight sided pails are supplied with either crimp lid or latch lid closures. Latch lids have a metal ring with a robust latch mechanism that allows the pail to be sealed quickly. Crimp lids have lugs that are bent with a crimping machine to attach them securely to the pail.

All lids for straight sided pails are lined with a compound to aid sealing of the lids to the pail.

In addition, latch ring lids can be pierced to accommodate a 57mm Berg closure as a further option. Berg closures provide a tamper-evident cap with an inner tear-open membrane. Alternatively screw necks can be soldered onto the lid piercings.

Tapered Metal Pails

Our tapered pails are available in either 8 Litre or 10 Litre capacities and are manufactured with plain steel-wire handles. Empty tapered pails can be stacked inside one another to reduce storage space.

Closures for Tapered Pails

All tapered pails are supplied with metal plug lids, which push firmly into the neck of the pail.