Tinplate Drum Containers Metal Drums with Berg/Din & Rel Closures

We manufacture a wide range of flat and domed-top tinplate drum containers. Our drums are used to package a variety of products including: lubricants, adhesives, food oils, coatings, adhesives and chemicals. We also produce airtight drums that can be used for pressurised spray applications.

All our metal drums are suitable for either water-based or solvent-based contents and can be used with aggressive or corrosive chemicals.

  • Tinplate Drum Containers
  • Drum Containers and Plastic Closures
  • Drum Container with a BERG/DIN Type Piercing
  • Drum Container with a REL Type Piercing

We supply tinplate drums from 0.125 Litre to 5 Litre capacity with a minimum order of one pallet for all our standard sizes. We can also produce bespoke tins to your custom specifications.

Drums can be manufactured with top-mounted plastic handles if required.

Our metal drums can be supplied either plain, white, custom labelled, or custom printed. Internally they can be supplied plain or with a lacquered coating.

All our tinplate drums are manufactured in the UK.

Closures for Tinplate Drums

Our tins are typically supplied with 32mm or 42mm piercings to suit Berg/Din & Rel closures, with custom piercing options available if required. We also offer 38mm, 57mm and 78mm metal screw necks.

Minimum Order Quantities

Our minimum order quantity for tinplate drums is a single pallet. For unit quantities per pallet, and pricing details for your specific requirements, please contact us or request a quote.

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