Lever Lid Tins For Applications Including Paint, Coatings, Adhesives and Food Products.

RLM Packaging manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of lever lid tins available in the UK. We supply tins from 100ml to 15 litre capacity with a minimum order of a single box for all our standard sizes. We can also produce bespoke tins to your custom specifications.

Lever lids provide a tight seal, ensuring that products do not leak or dry out. Once opened they may be re-sealed many times to preserve their contents. In addition we can provide spring clips to further secure the lid, providing extra protection from leakage during transit and storage.

Our lever lid tins can be supplied either plain, white, custom labelled, or custom printed. Internally they can be supplied plain or with a lacquered coating. We offer metal and plastic handle options for tins with 2.5 Lt capacity and above.

All our tins are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

  • Plain White & Printed Lever Lid Tins
  • Medium and Small Lever Lid Tins with Lids
  • Lever Lid Tins with Lid
  • Printed Lever Lid Tins

Popular Uses for Lever Lid Tins

Our lever lid tins are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based contents, as well as powdered or granulated products. They can be used for a wide variety of packaging applications including:

Paint & Coatings

We supply the coatings industry with lever lid tins for a range of products including: paint, varnish, stains, dyes, and waxes.


Our tins are suitable for packaging a wide variety of chemicals such as: adhesives, wood treatments, oils, resins, and inks. They can also be used with solvent-based and corrosive chemicals.

Food Products

Lever lid tins can be used to package all kinds of food products. Our range of smaller-sized 125ml to 1.25 Lt tins are especially suited to packaging confectionery and spices.

Candles & Gifts

Our lever lid tins can also be used to package an assortment of novelty items from scented candles and cosmetics to t-shirts and gifts.