Food Cans Wholesale Food Grade Tin Cans.

RLM Packaging is now pleased to be able to offer standard food grade tin cans for sale, through our third party partnership with a European manufacturer.

The food tins are gold lacquered externally with white internal coating. The lacquer, coatings and all materials are food grade and suitable for packaging most food products including: fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, fish, soup, and sauces.

  • Medium and Large Food Cans with Ring pull Ends
  • Food Grade Tin Cans with White Internal Coating
  • Medium and Large Metal Food Cans and Standard End Closures
  • Metal Food Cans with Closures

Food Can Sizes

We currently offer two standard sizes. Other sizes may also be available on request, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Medium Food Cans

Our medium tins measure 73mm x 109mm. These are supplied with 2880 tins per pallet.

Large Food Cans

Our large tins measure 99mm x 119mm. These are supplied with 1560 tins per pallet.

Closures for Food Cans

Our food tins are typically supplied with with an ’easy open’ ring-pull end component seamed onto one end of the container. A standard end is then supplied loose which will be seamed on after filling. Seaming equipment is required to close the can once filled.

Other closure options such as peel-off foil or standard ends are available on request.