Cone Top Tins Standard or Bespoke Sizes.

We produce a wide range of cone top tin containers which can be used for a variety of packaging applications including: adhesives, oils, waxes, paints, varnish, coatings, detergents, and chemicals. The cone-shaped top allows contents to be completely drained from the container, minimising waste. Cone top tins are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based contents as well as powdered or granulated products.

  • Cone Top Tin Containers
  • Cone Top Tin Containers and Brush Cap
  • Cone Top Tin Containers
  • Cone Top Tin Containers and Brush Cap

We manufacture a range of standard sizes as well as bespoke tins made to your custom specifications. All tins are made in the UK.

Our tins can be supplied either plain, white, custom labelled, or custom printed. Internally we offer plain or lacquered options.

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Closure Options

Our Cone top tins can be produced with 25mm, 38mm, and 40mm screw necks, and we can supply a comprehensive range of metal or plastic closure options.

Metal Closures for Cone Top Tins

Metal closures are available for all neck sizes and include: standard tin lids, poly-plug lids, and cap & seal closures. For 38mm necks we also offer metal brush caps.

Plastic Closures for Cone Top Tins

For tins with 25mm and 38mm necks, we can supply a range of plastic closures including: standard screw tops, child resistant lids, and brush-caps.