Wholesale Candle Tins Bulk Tins With Low Minimum Order

RLM Packaging manufactures a range of metal containers suitable for use as candle tins. With a minimum order of a single pallet, we can supply bulk quantities to craft shops as well as commercial candle producers. All our tins are made in the UK. The tins most commonly used for candles are slip lid tins and lever lid tins.

  • Slip Lids Fit Over The Outside of the Tin
  • Candle in a Slip Lid Tin
  • Lever Tins With Lid
  • Candle in a Lever Lid Tin

Slip Lid Candle Tins

Slip lid tins have an inwardly curled top edge, and the lid slides over the outside of the tin, similar to a biscuit tin. This allows the candle to be easily covered and uncovered as required during use.

We manufacture a variety of standard tin sizes, or can produce custom tins as required. Slip lid candle tins can be supplied in either plain metal, plain white, or custom printed to your specifications. For more information please visit our slip lid tins page.

Lever Lid Candle Tins

Lever lid tins, known commonly as paint tins, are also often used as candle tins. Lever lid tins can be sealed tight, ensuring the contents do not dry out or lose their fragrance in transit. They can also be resealed many times during the life of the product.

We produce one of the most comprehensive ranges of lever lid tins available in the UK, and can also manufacture bespoke tins as required. They are available in plain metal, plain white, or can be custom printed to your specifications. For more information please visit our lever lid tins page.

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