Bespoke Tin Containers Manufactured to Your Custom Specifications.

In addition to our standard tin containers, RLM Packaging can manufacture bespoke tins to your specifications. We are able to offer specialized assembly, soldering, printing, and handwork to our customers’ exact requirements. All our tins are British made.

  • Bespoke Tin Containers
  • Custom Tin Container for Two Part Product
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Fluid Tanks

Bespoke Tins

Any of the stock tins in our product range can be manufactured to your custom specifications.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our standard range of tins, and would like to discuss something specific, please contact us.

Two-Part Containers

We manufacture specialized tin containers for two-part products. This kind of packaging allows seperate contents to be transported together in a single united package.

These tins are most commonly used for fillers and adhesives, where two component chemicals—often a paste and a hardener—must be kept seperate while in transit and then mixed together before use.

Fluid Reservoir Tanks

We can produce bespoke fluid reservoir tanks for the automotive and aviation industry. These are typically used for hydraulic systems such as clutch and brake fluid.

Fully Soldered Tins

We can custom manufacture fully soldered tins suitable for air freight.

Miscellaneous Tinplate Items

We also produce specialist tinplate items for specific applications such as gas mask components.