Lever lid tins

RLM Packaging produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of lever lid tins available in the UK servicing predominantly the paint, coatings and adhesives industries and associated products amongst others including the food products.

We can produce tins from 100ml capacity to 15 Litres with a plain or decorated external finish and a plain or lacquered internal specification.

The primary benefits that a lever lid tin offers is in the application, they can be opened and closed tight again several times during the use of the contents. This is particularly pertinent to products such as paint and varnishes that will harden or dry out if not stored correctly.

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Minimum Order Quantities

Our minimum order quantity is a single pallet. Unit quantities per pallet for lever lid tins are as follows:

CapacityUnits Per Pallet
125 ml4950
  • Lever Lid Tins
  • Lever Lid Tins
  • Lever Lid Tins
  • Lever Lid Tins

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Product Specifications

Nominal CapacityDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Solvent BasedWater Based
0.1 Litre5950YesYes
0.125 Litre5958YesYes
0.25 Litre7473YesYes
0.5 Litre8998YesYes
0.5 Litre9965YesYes
0.5 Litre11363YesYes
0.75 Litre99118YesYes
1 Litre113120YesYes
1 Litre17690YesYes
1.25 Litre113150YesYes
2.5 Litre153154YesYes
3 Litre153210YesYes
5 Litre176233YesYes
10 Litre254254YesYes
15 Litre254406YesYes